Saturday, November 07, 2009

BYE Ive moved. :D

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

epic epic epic. year4s yr classroom are all damn clean nao :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grades are all released and the epic thing is we got back 6 papers outta 7 on Monday -_- which means we only got back our HCL today, and we had 3hrs of break! super duper epic. vball was fun and seeing jiemin play aeiou was even more hilarious.

Here are some results for a glance:
Amath: 89/100
Emath: 83++/100
Chem: 74/100
Chinese: 130/200 => 65/100
Physics: 63/100 (
History: 33/50 (walao)
LA: Epic. It's a B, the results for each component formed 2 extreme ends.

I will say no result met my target. >90 was my target for amath and >85 for emath. The imba carelessness and act smart assumptions made were rather costly.
But i shall take what ive said back bcos of knowing that many people did not do well for their math papers.. so ya.

Physics is most walao, seriously walao. 15 for MCQs is wtf. Damn lousy lah. I got an A for sects B and C, and the MCQs raped my balls. To think i did the Physics 1001Mcqs book. -_- no effect lawl.

Tmr is the SH Prepatory(i know this' spelled wrongly)Programme, and there's talks and cca exhibitions. (this srsly rekindles the memories of 2006 when we first came into DHS -.-) followed by inter-level games. shall go catch'em. think vball and soccer will be rather exciting.

Have planned out the stuffs that I have and want to do during this holidays.
Secured a job (I hope so, my sis' bf seemed to have done finish all the stuffs o.o I dunno la -.-) and earn some money to refill the hole in my account.

Read more books, and im so serious this time that I couldnt believe myself when i told myself that. But ive got no choice, it's inevitable sigh. 15 -.-

Spend a balanced time with friends and family, exam period has made me neglected the latter so its time to compensate back uh.

Alright I shall bring myself to sleep since it is quite late and to all people out there, takecare of yourself man. Gulp down that gallons of water if necessary to ensure that you will not be the next prey of 'sore throats and fevers and etc'. Yes.

Sometimes I think that people rly deserve a second chance. I feel a tinge of 牵挂 now. Imy.

alright gdbye! Bye cas have fun at Thailand! :D

Monday, October 19, 2009

embrace yrself. he will not want to see you like that.
really. do not indulge in self-pity as it is really very horrible.
ive been through it and it's rly terrible.
takecare and enjoy life are the only words ive got for you.
not really in a position to say anyth.
ohwell cheerup, you wont read this i think.

cape no.7 with daren maureen yz today and alright it was gd haha.
guitar hero was noob, i swear to find a way to improve myself.
i think my hand's too small i cant reach the blue. ah.
quite okay, and malays are ftards. go sleep in your grass.

I cant help but feel sad for you,
a pity you dont tell me anything, nvm it is okay.
Be happy and be yourself and tts it.
Cheerup you (idnowhat)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The remaining challenges (hurhur): Math1,2 and Physics.
Now physics is an ass, we have such a stale relationship that i just cant be on good terms with it. Perhaps he's a little too naughty.

All right its the last week and i believe it is gna past very fast( now who am i bluffing hur -.-)
Shall pull up my socks and end this course a strong one.
My last 100m had always been good HAHA.

Some food for thought: I find it rly amusing about how people can get gaga over the opposite sex with him/her completely uninterested. A rejection seems harsh on the surface but it really tells you about how much substance you have in you; Most probably is a gosu zero. Seriously dislike and 看不起 this type of creatures. Head back to your Mars or Uranus and live there for all we human beings care.

More food for thought: I find it amusing too to fall into the trap of a completely unknown faggot who's born just to screw his mum up. Oh come on you think you're very cool and all sorts of stuffs? Now you're basically rubbish, and you can enjoy your mum's company for all we care. Such a fag.

Now i need to embrace myself and contd with my work. 2am's my aim.

You set me thinking once again hm, nvm jiayou.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bring it on exams, let it be the remnant reminiscence of me and you.
Im prepared but im scared.

lets do it people.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

now now now it's less than a week to exams, and i feel the stress.
the stress of not being able to attempt an easy question on any subj,
coupled with the nonsensical talk (xcept for some highlights) today, my mood was real bad the whole day today, gah

wellwellwell, a jigsaw piece seems to be missing and it's preventing me from completing my aims and targets,
and that is smth called self-discipline. i need a strong and long-lasting one, and not just one which only lasts for the next 16 days.
I am an endothermic reactn, and this reactn absorbs stress, hah.

everyth seems so normal, the tide is low, the exam papers have not come to light, our lives stil continue on.
till then, it might be too late for me to even say, 'I regret it very much,'
No i cant say that, i cannot say that,
for i know my fate will be utterly sealed upon that moment and I become a limiting reactant.

today i once again threw all the papers and books that were on my table on the floor. nah im not de-stressing.
It has come to a point where i feel i need to do smth big, and this is just the appetizer. The main course has yet to be served.
I wonder how things will be like in the near future, i really wonder and my thoughts tell me that it aint a desirable thing unless... well

i think i had just wasted precious time here, when i could have gone to sleep or attempt more organic chem qns, but for now let me seek comfort in w/e i can find in a radius of 2metres.
I shall consider what to do after that. Im mentally hurt, very.

Till then,



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